| La Favorita
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La Favorita

As part of Sampads Community Heritage project which looks at the history around Stratford Road in South Birmingham, a group of people (myself included) were invited on a tour of ‘La Favorita’ – an Italian restaurant just off Stratford Road ,Sparkhill..
The aim of the visit was to speak to the head Chef and owner Abdel Karim (pictured above on the right) about his journey from when he started out in business to the present day. It proved to be a very interesting and thought provoking story and included him showing us around the kitchens and indeed showing us how certain menu items were created…

We got to sample some of the delicious foods prepared there and I was suitably impressed with the quality and expertise of his staff – Although I have eaten at La Favorita before on several occasions with friends, later that evening I came back to the restaurant and had a great meal with my sister and nieces who totally enjoyed it – not just the food but the whole experience. An excellent place to eat. And the ‘Mocktails are delicious!!