| Birmingham Canal Trip
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Birmingham Canal Trip

Took a few days out and went on a local Canal Trip starting at Lapworth into Birmingham, then onto Knowle,Catherine De Barnes finally ending up back where we started…kinda like a round trip. It was very interesting seeing the city from a different perspective and witnessing what amounted to be almost a different culture. Such a nice pace of life with many boaters enjoying the benefits of the gorgeous weather we then had. Some partying ,some picnicking , some sun bathing..

Was a fun few days on the waterways – it was cool steering the boat and operating all the Locks albeit hard work at times.
I didn’t get a chance to shoot much images as I would of liked to but you can view some here that were shot primarily for stock. I do intend to go back on a trek along the canals to pick up some images at a later date which I would not of been able to collect from the boat.